Waves & Light ' 2001

Long ago when music workcenters cost a lot and working in a studio meant having professional equipment I took pleasure in writing music at home with the help of Impulse Tracker. At that time I got some material later formed in an album called "Waves & Light". The album was presented in the Internet for free downloading. Actually it was made for fun.

At the present time the album can be found on sale on some not quite decent sites moreover with a photo of an unknown person.
Apparently he represents myself :) and the cover.
This album has its own cover.

That is why I decided to lay it out here on open access as initially its concept did not suppose commercial use.
Any commercial use of this music requires an additional agreement with me.

You are welcom to listen but please keep in mind that the sound quality for the present moment is not satisfactory.
Enjoy old school :)
01. Second valley 8.68 Mb >Download full
02. Visual heart 12.1 Mb >Download full
03. Antares 8.98 Mb >Download full
04. Flowers 10.4 Mb >Download full
05. Plastic noise 7.31 Mb >Download full
06. Exit to heaven 8.71 Mb >Download full
07. Merging 9.01 Mb >Download full
08. On other side of sky 10.5 Mb >Download full
09. Trace of moon 13.2 Mb >Download full
10. Air 10.2 Mb >Download full
11. Oblivion 11.1 Mb >Download full
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